No Purchase Necessary

In my work, I often find myself telling people, “your belief is not required.”   I even got a giggle the other day hearing Theresa (the Long Island medium), say something very similar to a group of people, before a session. And it’s true, once someone agrees to have a reading … Continue reading

Go Boldly Forth!

Today the Wild Boar speaks!  And he makes me wonder.  What have I been avoiding? The boar’s message is confrontation.  Stop avoiding people, things, situations . . . anything or anybody.  Find the courage to confront your fears! And here I thought I was doing well, lol.  That’s not exactly … Continue reading

Super Vision

Do you have a vision?  A goal that you are moving your life towards?  How are you working to make your vision a reality? I am a strong believer in the power of positive intention; manifesting your visions of future by focusing the positive energy needed to create and maintain … Continue reading

This Girl is on Fire

I said in a recent post that the Goddess Pele wants to work with me. And I was thrilled! But what I failed to truly understand, is what this means. I am a double Scorpio, water on water, with a Scorpio Mercury (add more water please) and my little Aries … Continue reading

Pele – Goddess Card Readings

I’m SO excited!  I am working with a new Goddess.  Well, not “new” she’s been around for ages.  And she’s not exactly new to me, but I am definitely experiencing Pele in a whole new way! She came to me in a reading and I believe, represents Maiden energy on our … Continue reading

Intuitive Sessions

Using tarot cards, Goddess cards, clairvoyance and my empathic abilities to channel guidance, assistance, and healing from your guides, you will receive a session that is unique and according to your specific needs.

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Scheduling an appointment online is fast and easy. Simply choose a date and time that works for you and the method in which you would like to connect. By phone, online, email or face-to-face; choose a method that works best for you.

Daily Horoscope

Visit your Horoscope daily for a fun way to gain a better understanding of the energy surrounding your day-to-day issues. It may not answer your deep, burning questions but it's always nice to know that you are not alone!

Empathic Intuitive

I am committed to providing a safe, discreet environment for all your issues and concerns. I honor all walks of faith and creed; whether you believe in prayer, intention or magic, I offer clear messages from your guides to bring healing, hope and confirmation about your questions.
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